The Shape of RemixXxes to Come

45rpm WAP425


DJ Stingray
(DJ Stingray’s Molto Allegro Mix)

I first met Lorenzo in London several years back and we have been friends since.
I really respect his artistic direction and discipline so when the chance arose for me to remix it was an easy choice albeit very taxing mentally because I wanted to keep the standard high. My definition of a remix is taking the song and enhancing, stripping down and adding- to present a new form while trying to maintain the spirit and vision of the original

Florian Hecker
(Hecker Scattering.m Sequence)

"While you enjoy the colour of Les Andelys, I see the Seine. An almost indefinable grey sea, even in the strongest sunshine under a blue sky."

Georges Seurat to Paul Signac, June 25, 1886; in Éric Alliez and Jean-Clet Martin. The Brain-Eye: New Histories of Modern Painting. Rowman & Littlefield International, 2016.

… a technical ambient mix essentially consisting of resynthesized material prominently featuring Vincent Lostanlen’s scattering.m toolbox for time-frequency scattering transforms. In an iterative process, over 50 runs, this resynthesis remix gradationally approximates the original starting from an indefinable mass. Step by step more features of Lorenzo’s piece become apparent.

Tale Of Us
The Shape Of Trance To Come
(Tale Of Us Remix)

"Lorenzo is a true master of melody.
His synth lines are so effortless and intense and perfectly balanced with an intricate complexity that creates these incredible moments of tension and release. We tried to reinterpret the song in a way that it would create a new atmosphere and it would somehow be reincarnated in a deeper and more
stripped back version.
Plaid records like “Dett” and “Oi” were also an inspiration in the synth arrangement and development of the Remix."